Monday, October 1, 2012

. Non-Violent Way of Agriculture. Natural way of farming

Non-Violent Way of Agriculture.

Natural way of farming
            Globally Human beings are facing many environmental problems such as Global warming, disturbed weather conditions, Drought, Flood, Earthquakes and Tidal etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                    We the human beings have forced our Earth towards environmental destruction. The main reason for this destruction is violence based development and the violent agricultural practices have played a major role in it.                                                                                      Since thousands of year tilling of land has been practiced and considered as a holy work in agriculture but it is the biggest violent torture towards biodiversity. What I want to emphasize here that this is the biggest violence globally and hence causing desertification. Tilling practices does not allow rain water to reach ground water level and the fertile top soil is flooded. This converts the organic manure into green house gas. The layer of this gas in the atmosphere causes global warming and also the reason for disturbed weather conditions. The first step in agriculture which is plowing makes the land diseased and hence creates a need of treatment. The worst beginning starts a long course of chemical use and wrong practices. Which includes chemical fertilizers, insectisides, weedisides and harmones etc? Availability of chemically grown food everywhere has become most hazardous part to the health of human beings. Cancer and many diseases have become common by eating chemically grown food.                                             In the context of Indian scenario this chemical based farming has made agriculture a practice of losing terms of input and returns. To meet the expenses, farmers depends on loans which makes agro-produce costly. Farmers are committing suicide. In the last 15 years 3 lacs farmers have committed suicide in India.                                                                                                                                                                     In our family farm we have been practicing Natural Way of Farming without tilling, weeding and manure since 27 years. This farming system has been innovated by a Japanese Microbiologist and Natural farmer Masnobu  Fukuoka. Now it has the highest productivity and highest nutritive value. This farming system is totally dependent upon "Natural truth and Nonviolence" practicing this way of farming leads to grow different types of vegetation even in deserts. And even by eating natural produces, Cancer can be treated. There is a lowest need of petroleum and electricity in this farming practice hence it is a low cost farming system and the agro-produce are much cheaper than other. It is the best system to revive water holding capacity of the land which can even fight with the problems like drought, flood, global warming and carbon emission problems.                                                                                 Now a day many alternative agricultural practices have been practiced by farmers all over the world but No farming system makes a cordial relationship with Nature. Searching alternative organic methods of killing insects, using pheromone traps etc. which does not involves chemical but disturbs the ecological balance of our farm hence far from sustainability and involves Violence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our system of Natural farming proves the "Natural Truth" which is "Live And Let Live" philosophy cordially with a balanced ecology. In a farm the farmer and his family gets Natural food, fresh air and naturally treated soothing mineral water which enhances a feeling of Simplicity and peaceful living. Nature Itself mobilizes an individual to become a peaceful good Human being and it can be a way back to the Nature. Nature and God is like a coin with two different faces both sides.                                                                       During these 27 years we found that the "Quaker way of life" and Natural farming is based on "Do Nothing" concept. We have been promoting this system in our farm and the approach is "Practice and Learn". We conduct Trainings for interested people and farmers in our farm and even go to their farm for trainings and Model setup.  We have mobilized farmers and established Natural farming system all over India. Marginal and small farmers in rural areas have been benefited by our trainings. Quarter Acre of land is sufficient for 4 to 6 members of a family. Per day one hour working is sufficient by each member in this system; the rest of the time can be given to Humanity by the members. We found the key of “peace" is near to Nature N.F. is the way.
                                                                        We promise to contribute to the Quakers "Global Change Consultation” by promoting peaceful system of farming and living. You can invite us for trainings in your farm or nearby areas to benefit community. We invite interested volunteers to our farm to practice and learn. If you feel our contribution is valuable towards Humanity then you can also assist in terms of Donation for training program because the Destiny of our Planet is now depends upon Human Hands.

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